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Can I resign in unlimited contract UAE Dubai?

can i resign in unlimited contract

Can I resign in unlimited contract?

This article aims to provide a comprehensive answer to this question and some related FAQs.

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Can I Resign in Unlimited Contract?

The answer is yes. Under an unlimited contract, an employee can resign by providing a notice period. The notice period should be at least 30 calendar days and a maximum of three months.

However, an unlimited contract resignation does not compensate for early termination.

FAQs about unlimited contract resignation UAE 2023.

The notice period for an unlimited contract in the UAE is typically at least 30 calendar days and can be up to a maximum of three months.
To terminate your employment contract in the UAE, you usually need to provide notice according to the terms of your contract. Discussing with your employer and reaching a mutual agreement is advisable. Breaking a contract without adhering to the terms may have legal consequences.


  • Employees can resign in unlimited contracts by providing a notice period. Therefore, if you are an employee in an unlimited contract position and are wondering, Can I resign in an unlimited agreement? the answer is yes.
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