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Cookie Policy

Our website uses cookies and other tracking technology to enhance the browsing experience and provide specialised content and services. Using our website means, by extension, accepting how we use cookies as described in this Cookie Policy.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are a type of tiny data file that a website sends to your computer, smartphone, or other device. They are used to keep track of specific data regarding a user’s homepage viewing behaviour.

 These files, saved on the user’s device, are filled with anonymous information that is safe for the computer.

Cookies remember user choices, such as the preferred language, access details, or page customisations.

 In addition, they can gather anonymous information on how visitors use the website, such as the page from which it was viewed or whether it was reached through a banner ad.

Session cookies and persistent cookies are the two categories based on their duration. When a user closes their browser, session cookies are destroyed. Still, persistent cookies are erased manually or after serving their intended function (such as preserving user identity on a website).

How do we use cookies?

  • Anonymous User Identification.
    We use cookies to identify individuals surfing anonymously. Instead of identifying specific people, this identification is based on browsers and devices. The goal is to measure and examine website traffic data and usage patterns.
  • Identification of Popular Material.
    We want to determine the most popular material on our website using anonymous methods. This aids in our understanding of the most enticing and compelling material for our users.
  • Identifying New and Returning Users.
    Another goal is distinguishing between new and returning users accessing our website. Using this data, we may present pertinent material to users based on their previous visits and customise their user experience.

Please note that all these objectives are pursued while ensuring the anonymity of users, as we respect privacy and adhere to data protection regulations.

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