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UAE Labor Law Resignation Dubai: Navigate the Process in 2023

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uae labor law resignation

Resigning from your job can be challenging and daunting, especially in a foreign country like the UAE. Understanding the UAE labor law resignation process is crucial to ensure a smooth departure from your current workplace.

This article aims to provide you with all the necessary information to navigate this journey legally and professionally.

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Navigate the Landscape of uae labor law resignation.

Before making a move, you must familiarize yourself with the legalities involved in the process. Understanding the UAE labor law regarding resignation goes a long way in ensuring a smooth transition.

Grasping the Basics of UAE Labor Law.

The UAE Labor Law, specifically the Federal Decree-Law No. (33) of 2021 dictates the legalities involved in the employment and resignation process in the UAE.

One of the critical aspects to remember is that the law no longer recognizes “unlimited” contracts and only allows fixed-term or limited contracts in the UAE.

This information is crucial to grasp the nuances of resignation in UAE law.

Digging into Your Employment Contract.

Your employment contract is your bible when understanding your rights and obligations. It’s essential to:

  • Go through the terms and conditions of your contract meticulously before initiating the resignation process.
  • Understand the notice period, which can range from one to three months, depending on your contract.
  • Be aware of any competition clause that prevents you from joining a competitor post-resignation.

Avoiding Absconding.

Absconding or leaving your job without prior notice or explanation is considered a severe offence in the UAE. You risk being labelled as an absconder if you’re absent for seven days or more without providing a reason. This can result in a one-year labour ban in the UAE.

UAE Labor Law Resignation Process.

Once you’ve decided to resign, following the proper protocol for a smooth and legal exit is essential.

Discussing Your Intentions with Your Employer.

A professional conversation with your employer about your intentions to leave is crucial. It allows your employer to start looking for your replacement and ensures a complete handover.

Submitting a Formal Resignation Letter.

The next step is to submit a formal resignation letter. You can either hand it over physically or email it. Per your contract, the letter should clearly state your intention to resign and your preferred exit date.

Anticipating a Counteroffer.

It’s not uncommon for employers to make a counteroffer to retain their valuable employees. Be prepared for this and take some time to evaluate your options.

Serving the Notice Period.

As per the resignation in uae law process, you must serve the notice period stated in your contract unless your employer waives it. This duration can vary between companies but is typically 30 days.

Securing the rights of employee when resigning.

The end of your tenure in a company usually comes with some financial benefits called gratuity.

  • Calculate your gratuity before leaving the company.
  • Understand that you’re not eligible for gratuity if you resign before completing a year. However, you’re entitled to some benefits if you’ve completed over a year.
  • Remember that all employees on a limited contract are eligible for gratuity.

Returning Company’s Confidential Documents.

Before concluding employment, ensure you hand over any company-owned intellectual property. This could include your employee ID, confidential documents, or other company assets.

Maintaining Professionalism Post-Resignation.

Even after resigning, it’s essential to maintain professionalism during your notice period. Also, ensure you collect all necessary documents from your employer, such as an experience letter, salary certificate, and others.

Consistently Following Legal Guidelines.

The legalities involved in the resignation process can be complex. For legal advice or assistance, consulting with an expert like Younis Mohammed Al Blooshi, the number 1 labour lawyer & legal consultant in the UAE, is advisable.

FAQs about resignation rules in UAE.

The law no longer recognizes unlimited contracts, only fixed-term or limited contracts.
The notice period can range from one to three months, depending on your contract.
Absconding can result in a one-year labour ban in the UAE.

Staying informed about the UAE labor law resignation process can help you quickly navigate this journey. Always remember to maintain professionalism, adhere to your contract, and follow the legal procedure to ensure a smooth exit from your current job.

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