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Sample Resignation Letter UAE Law Dubai

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resignation letter uae

Penning the perfect resignation letter UAE is crucial. With guidance from Al Mulla, a seasoned labour lawyer, this article aims to help you craft a professional and considerate resignation letter.

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Sample Resignation Letter UAE.

A resignation letter format could be as follows:

[Current date]

[Manager’s name]
[Company Name]

Dear [Manager’s name],

I hereby tender my formal resignation from my role as [the position] at [company name], effective from [date].

Before my departure, I will strive to complete all my ongoing projects and am willing to facilitate a smooth transition for my successor.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked at [company name] for [years of service]. I have cherished the camaraderie within the team and will miss our interactions.

While I am enthusiastic about the new opportunities in my forthcoming role, I will fondly remember my tenure at [company name]. Please feel free to contact me if you require further information post my departure, and I would be pleased to stay in touch.

Kind regards,

[Your signature]
[Your printed name]

UAE labour law resignation.

While moving on to new career prospects and opportunities, it’s important to note that the first phase includes submitting a written resignation.

By the UAE labour law, which necessitates a notice period, a resignation letter serves as documented proof of the commencement date of your notice period.

Reviewing your employment contract to ensure compliance with all terms agreed upon at the start of your employment is advisable.

If you’re uncertain, refer to any materials you received during orientation or your employment contract, which may stipulate what is expected when terminating your employment.

When uncertain, it’s always advisable to formalize your resignation with a letter.

Resign letter to company.

A well-structured resignation letter is not a mere formality but a reflection of your professionalism. Here are some key components to include in your resignation letter UAE:

  • Address your line manager directly.
  • Begin with a statement of intent, such as: “It is with regret that I officially tender my resignation for the role of [your job title] at [company name].”
  • Include the date of the letter (preferably at the top right-hand corner of the page).
  • Mention your contractual notice period and your last working day.
  • Diplomatically state the reason for your departure: a new job, personal reasons, or relocation.
  • Express your gratitude towards the company for the opportunities provided.
  • Affix your signature at the end.

FAQs about resignation letter UAE.

Key components include addressing your line manager, stating your intent, specifying the notice period and last working day, diplomatically explaining the reason for departure, expressing gratitude, and signing the letter.
Yes, it's crucial to mention the last working day and notice period in a resignation letter, as per standard business practice and compliance with labour laws, ensuring a smooth transition for both the employee and the employer.

In conclusion, resigning from a job in the UAE requires a written resignation letter as per labour laws. It is essential to evaluate your decision and prepare before drafting the letter.

A well-structured resignation letter should include critical components such as addressing your manager directly, stating the intent, and mentioning the notice period and last working day.

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