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Can I Resign during Probation Period in UAE Dubai?

can i resign during probation period in uae

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the UAE labour laws regarding probation periods, focusing on the critical question many employees ask: Can I resign during probation period in UAE?

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Can I resign during probation period in UAE?

Yes, an employee can resign in Dubai and the UAE during their probation period. However, certain conditions need to be met.

For instance, if an employee wishes to join another employer in the UAE during the probation period, they must notify their current employer in writing at least a month prior.

If an employee decides to resign to leave the job and the UAE during the probation period, they must provide a written notice at least 14 days before their departure.

Suppose an employee returns to the UAE within three months of departure on a new work permit.

In that case, the new employer must compensate the previous employer for the employee’s recruitment costs unless otherwise agreed.

Termination of Contract During Probation Dubai.

The employer has the right to terminate an employee’s contract during probation under Article 9 (1) of the UAE labour law. This termination requires written notice at least 14 days before the termination date.

However, if the contract is terminated without considering this provision, compensation equal to the employee’s wages for the notice period must be provided.

Gratuity entitlement proportion UAE.

Employees serving their probation period in the UAE are not eligible for gratuity payments.

However, once employees complete their probation period and continue with the same company for a year, they become eligible for total gratuity.

FAQs About can I resign during probation period in UAE?

If an employee decides to quit their job and leave the UAE during their probation period, they are required to give written notice at least 14 days in advance.
If the employee believes that the job does not suit them or if they were given another job option, it is completely acceptable to resign during the probation period. However, the employee must still inform their employer of their decision to resign, unless their employment contract states otherwise.
Typically, an employee has the ability to quit their job without much or any advance notice. However, if the probationary period is specified in the employment agreement, it is probable that a brief notification period (usually 1 to 2 weeks) will be required.

Understanding your rights and obligations during probation is crucial to making informed decisions about your employment.

This article provides a comprehensive overview to answer the question: can I resign during the probation in the UAE? But for personalized guidance, consider consulting with a resignation UAE labour law expert.

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