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Dubai Labour Court Appeal UAE

dubai labour court appeal

Whether you’re an employer seeking justice or an employee fighting for your rights, understanding the intricacies of Dubai labour court appeal process is essential in 2024.

This article explores the fees, location, number, case status, rules, complaints, types of labour disputes, expert legal guidance, and more for navigating labour court matters and appeals in Dubai UAE.

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Dubai Labour Court Appeal

Labour and employment disputes in Dubai are streamlined through the online portal of the Dubai Court website.

Cases are initially registered at the First Instance Court, where essential documents and an initial memo are submitted.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) issues a court referral paper that serves as the foundation for case registration. The system allows for the upload of the Power of Attorney as well.

Dubai labor court fees

Regardless of case outcome, employers are accountable for court expenses, typically 5% of the claimed amount. Employees bear no initial costs, but may pay 5% extra if claim surpasses standard.

All fees are settled post-verdict and detailed in judgment statements.

For employers, a professional fee equivalent to 5% of the claimed amount is levied. The minimum fee is 500 AED, while the maximum is 20,000 AED.

Similarly, employees are subject to a 5% charge based on their claim amount, capped at a maximum of 20,000 AED.

Notably, this fee structure occurs when the claim amount exceeds 100,000 AED.

Dubai’s labour court system comprises the First, Second, and Third Courts. To reach the Dubai Labour Court Appeal, the claimed amount should exceed 50,000 AED.

In cases aspiring to reach the Third Court or Cassation Court, the claim must be at least 500,000 AED.

Common Types of Labour Disputes

  • Unpaid Salaries.
  • Unpaid Gratuity.
  • Unpaid Profits.
  • Unpaid Bonuses.
  • False or Arbitrary Termination.
  • Labour Bans.
  • False Labour Cases.
  • Harassment at the Workplace.

Labour Court in Dubai

The Labour Court Dubai, a division of Dubai Courts, serves as the primary forum for resolving disputes related to employment in Dubai and its free zones.

The Labour Court Dubai is overseen by the UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) and operates within established legal frameworks and procedures.

Labour court Dubai number and location

Searching for Al Awir court contact number for labour matters? Call MoHRE’s 80084 labor claim and advisory helpline number.

You can seek help with labour-related concerns or legal issues by calling MoHRE’s ‘Labour Claims and Advisory Call Centre’ at the toll-free number 80084 Dubai and across UAE.

However, if you need to visit the building, here is the Labour Court Dubai location map in Al Rowaiyah Third, Al Awir, Dubai.

Labor court Dubai case status

Here are the procedural steps outlined on the Ministry of Justice website:

  1. Sign in using UAE Pass or Register for an Account.
  2. Submit a request to seek information about the case.
  3. Gather the necessary data and particulars.

Rules of Labour Court Dubai

Labour dispute proceedings can be initiated if a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be reached between the parties involved.

The Centre drafts a statement of complaints within two weeks of receiving the request, which is then submitted to the Labour Court Dubai electronically.

Hearings are arranged promptly, typically within three days of receiving the case, with both parties notified.

The Labour Court Dubai imposes fees for filing cases, with employers bearing the costs, and additional Dubai labour court fees may apply based on the dispute amount.

Legal proceedings are conducted in Arabic, and written pleadings with supporting documents are required from both parties.

Labour Law Case Brought Forward

Labour law cases should be filed within a year of the dispute arising. Employees need to be vigilant about their rights, particularly regarding compensation, leave entitlements, and workplace safety.

Failure to address violations promptly may result in legal action before the Dubai Labor Court.

Complaint Against a Worker

Filing a complaint against a worker involves several avenues.

That includes contacting the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) through their toll-free number and Dubai Labor Court online complaint (online submission). Or visiting Tasheel Service Centers in person.

Each method requires proper documentation and adherence to legal protocols.

Help from Mulla Labor Lawyer

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FAQs about Dubai labour court appeal

The claimed amount should exceed 50,000 AED to reach the Appeal Court.
To file a complaint with the Dubai Court of Labor, you need to initiate proceedings via the online portal of the Dubai Court website. This involves registering your case at the First Instance Court by submitting essential documents along with an initial memo.
Labour rights in Dubai are outlined by local laws and regulations. Encompassing various aspects such as minimum wage standards, permissible working hours, entitlements to annual and sick leave, provisions for end-of-service benefits including gratuity, and standards for workplace safety and health.
To withdraw a labour case from the court in Dubai, you typically need to submit a formal request or motion to the relevant court where the case was filed. This request should outline the reasons for withdrawal and must be submitted in accordance with the court's procedures and guidelines.
For employers, a professional fee equivalent to 5% of the claimed amount is levied. The minimum fee is 500 AED, while the maximum is 20,000 AED. Employees bear no initial costs, but may pay 5% extra if claim surpasses standard.


Dubai labour court appeal process offers a systematic and efficient way to address the myriad disputes that can arise in employment. Digitalizing proceedings and the tiered court system ensure that justice is accessible to all.

Al Mulla Lawyers & Legal Consultants emerges as the beacon of expertise and advocacy for the best possible guidance and representation in your labour court appeals.

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