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Dismissal Letter for Unauthorised Absence from Work UAE

dismissal letter for unauthorised absence from work

Unauthorised absence from work is a serious violation that can lead to job termination. This article will provide a sample dismissal letter for unauthorised absence from work in the UAE.

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Sample Dismissal Letter for Unauthorised Absence from Work UAE.

[Your Company Letterhead].


[Employee’s Name].
[Employee’s Address].

Dear [Employee’s Name],

Re: Termination of Employment.

I am writing to inform you that, regrettably, your employment with [Your Company Name] is hereby terminated due to persistent unauthorised absences from work.

Over the past [Number of Months], we have observed a consistent pattern of unauthorised absence, which directly violates your employment contract and UAE labor laws. Despite our best efforts to resolve this issue through verbal and written warnings, your attendance record has not improved.

Your unauthorised absences have disrupted our operations and impacted your colleagues and the business as a whole. We have tried to provide a fair chance for you to rectify this behavior, but unfortunately, it persists.

This decision is made in accordance with UAE Labor Law and after seeking legal counsel to ensure that all procedures are just and legally sound.

You are requested to return all company property and settle any outstanding dues as per your employment contract. You may contact our HR department to arrange for the return of any company assets.

We wish you success in your future endeavours.


[Your Name].
[Your Title].
[Company Name].
[Company Contact Information].

FAQs about dismissal letter for absence from work.

A dismissal letter for unauthorised absence is a formal document issued by an employer to terminate an employee's contract due to persistent, unapproved absences from work.
Yes, UAE labor laws require employers to follow specific legal procedures when issuing dismissal letters, such as providing warnings and ensuring the termination is in compliance with the law.


Dismissal letters for unauthorised absence from work in the UAE are serious matters that require legal guidelines adherence.

Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant is your best ally in navigating the complexities of UAE labor laws when dealing with such cases.

His expertise ensures that your actions as an employer are in compliance with the law, safeguarding your business while respecting employees’ rights. Maintaining fairness, professionalism, and legality is crucial in all employment matters.

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