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DIFC law maternity leave

difc law maternity leave

The DIFC Employment Law, specifically Articles 37 and 38, safeguards female employees’ rights during maternity.

This article briefs the provisions of DIFC law maternity leave, maternity pay, and related legal services.

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DIFC law maternity leave rules

  • Maternity Leave (Article 37): Female employees are entitled to 65 days of maternity leave. This leave comprises 33 working days at full pay and 32 at half pay.
  • Maternity Pay (Article 38): Payment during maternity leave is categorized into two segments, full pay and half pay, which promotes financial stability for the employee during and after pregnancy.
  • Eligibility Criteria: To be eligible for maternity benefits, the female employee must have been continuously employed for at least twelve months preceding the expected week of childbirth.
  • Notification Requirements: An employee must inform her employer in writing at least eight weeks before the expected week of childbirth, accompanied by a medical certificate stating the expected birth date.
  • Adoption: Maternity leave also extends to female employees adopting a child under five years old, treating the adoption date akin to childbirth under the law.
  • Public Holidays: Any public holiday that falls during maternity leave is treated as additional leave, thereby extending the total leave period.
  • Nursing Breaks: After maternity leave, the law entitles female employees to one hour of nursing breaks daily for six months to cater to the child’s needs during working hours.
  • Non-Termination During Maternity Leave: Employers are prohibited from terminating the employment of a female staff member while she is on maternity leave, ensuring job security during this critical period.

Legal Services Related to DIFC Maternity Leave 2024

Al Mulla DIFC Employment Lawyers offer comprehensive legal services to navigate the complexities of maternity leave laws effectively. Our services include:

  • Legal Consultation: Providing up-to-date legal advice on the latest amendments and practices related to maternity leave in the DIFC.
  • Contract Review and Compliance: Ensuring employment contracts and company policies comply with DIFC maternity leave statutes.
  • Representation: Offering legal representation in disputes regarding maternity rights under DIFC law.
  • Policy Development: Assisting companies in developing maternity policies that align with DIFC laws and international best practices.

FAQs about maternity leave law in DIFC

Maternity pay is divided into two parts: the first 33 working days at full pay, followed by 32 days at half pay.
In the DIFC, female employees are entitled to 65 days of maternity leave, with the first 33 days paid at full salary and the remaining 32 days at half pay.

Conclusion about DIFC law maternity leave:

Understanding the maternity leave laws within the DIFC is crucial for employers and female employees to ensure compliance and foster a supportive working environment.

The DIFC continues to enhance its legal framework, reflecting its commitment to promoting gender equality and supporting family life amongst its workforce.

With the expert guidance of legal professionals like Al Mulla Lawyers, navigating these laws becomes seamless, ensuring that all parties uphold the highest legal and ethical standards.

Facing a legal crossroads? Trust Al Mulla Lawyers to guide you through. Schedule a consultation now and let’s find the best path forward.

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