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Annual Air Ticket in UAE Labour Law

annual air ticket in uae labour law

Among the various employment perks, the annual air ticket in UAE Labour Law is a topic that garners significant attention. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of this benefit in 2023, exploring its legal implications and when it applies.

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Annual Air Ticket in UAE Labour Law.

The UAE Labour Law may not explicitly mention providing an annual air ticket as a mandatory employer requirement.

However, it does leave room for employers and employees to negotiate this benefit as part of their employment contract.

This flexibility means an annual flight ticket can be mutually agreed upon, providing an excellent opportunity for both parties to set clear expectations.

When Does the Annual Air Ticket Apply?

The question arises: when can an employee expect to receive an annual air ticket in accordance with the UAE Labour Law?

The answer lies in the terms of the employment contract.

While the law does not mandate this benefit, it allows employers and employees to include it in their contracts. Hence, it is essential to thoroughly review your employment agreement to ascertain whether an annual air ticket is part of your compensation package.

FAQs about annual air tickets in UAE law.

No, the UAE Labour Law does not mandate the provision of an annual air ticket. However, it can be mutually agreed upon as part of the employment contract.
You should discuss the annual air ticket benefit with your employer during the contract negotiation process to ensure it's included in your employment agreement.


In conclusion, the annual air ticket in UAE is not mandatory but can be negotiated and included in your employment contract.

Understanding your rights and discussing this benefit with your employer during the contract negotiation process is essential.

Remember, legal consultation with experts like Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant can be instrumental in safeguarding your interests in the dynamic job market of the UAE.

By staying informed and seeking professional advice, you can maximise your employment benefits while enjoying a fruitful career in the UAE.

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