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Navigating Accrued Leave UAE Labour Law in Dubai 2023

accrued leave uae labour law

This article delves into the specifics of accrued leave UAE labour law in 2023, outlining the rules and calculations determining how much leave an employee is entitled to.

Whether you’re an employer striving to adhere to labor regulations or an employee keen to understand your rights, read on to gain clarity on the concept of accrued leave in the UAE.

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Navigating Accrued Leave UAE Labour Law.

  • No Leave for Less Than Six Months of Service.
    As per the UAE labor law, employees who have served for less than six months are not entitled to any annual leave.
    This provision encourages stability in the workforce and ensures that employees accrue leave only after establishing a certain period of service.
  • Accrual of Leave Between Six Months to One Year.
    For employees who have completed six months but less than one year of service, the UAE labour law grants them the right to two days of annual leave per month worked.
    This provision acknowledges the employee’s commitment to the organization and rewards them with a gradual leave buildup.
  • 30 Days of Leave After One Year of Service.
    Once an employee completes one year of continuous service with an organization, they become eligible for 30 days of annual leave.
    This marks a significant milestone in an employee’s tenure, granting them the opportunity to enjoy an extended period of respite.

Calculating Accrued Leave – A Simple Example.

Let’s illustrate accrued leave calculations with a straightforward example. Suppose an employee has worked for eight months with their current employer. Here’s how you can calculate their accrued leave:

No leave for the first six months: For the next two months (between six months and one year of service), the employee is entitled to 2 days/month x 2 months = 4 days of leave.
So, in this scenario, the employee has accrued 4 days of leave.

Seeking Expert Guidance.

Employers and employees must understand labour laws, including accrued leave entitlements. If you encounter disputes or have questions related to accrued leave in the UAE, it’s advisable to seek expert legal counsel.

Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant renowned for expertise in labor cases in the UAE, is a trusted resource for resolving labour-related matters. Al Mulla can clarify labour laws and uphold your rights and obligations.

FAQs about accrued leave UAE labour law.

Accrued leave in the UAE is calculated based on an employee's length of service. Employees with less than six months of service have no leave, those with six months to one year get 2 days of leave per month worked, and after one year of service, employees are entitled to 30 days of leave.
Employees in the UAE with less than six months of service are not entitled to annual leave according to labor law.


Accrued leave in the UAE labour law is a critical component of employment regulations, ensuring that employees are granted the time off they deserve based on their length of service.

Both employers and employees must know these regulations to maintain a fair and harmonious working relationship.

Whether you are an employer striving to comply with labor laws or an employee seeking to understand your rights, the UAE labor law provides a clear framework for accrued leave, promoting transparency and equity in the workplace.

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