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Protect your workplace investigations employee rights UAE – Dubai

workplace investigations employee rights

Regarding workplace investigations employee rights in the United Arab Emirates, a comprehensive set of laws and regulations govern the process.

This article aims to explain these procedures, providing a valuable resource for both employers and employees.

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Workplace investigations employee rights.

Before any penalty is imposed, the law necessitates a thorough investigation. The employee should be allowed to present their defence. The resolution to impose a penalty must be justified and documented.

Suspension during Investigation.

If the investigation’s interest necessitates, the employer can suspend the employee temporarily. However, this suspension must not exceed one month and should not affect the employee’s salary.

Impact on Executive Management.

The rules about disciplinary action also apply to executive management positions. However, the Executive Management staff regulation determines additional disciplinary guarantees, rules, and procedures.

Delegation of Penalties Imposition.

Certain disciplinary powers can be delegated to the line manager or a higher position, subject to specific rules and regulations.

Disciplinary Boards.

Forming one or more disciplinary boards is mandated to hold employees accountable. These boards consist of at least three members of the first grade or above.

Complaints and Grievances Committee.

This committee investigates and considers the complaints and grievances of the employee. Employees can appeal against administrative resolutions issued in their job affairs.

The Objections Committee.

This committee is formed to review and consider the complaints and grievances submitted. The employee can file a grievance against the Disciplinary Board’s or the chairman’s resolutions.

Lapse of Disciplinary Actions.

The law also addresses the lapse of disciplinary cases. For instance, if an employee commits a violation, the disciplinary case against them will lapse after three years, barring certain conditions.

However, if the act constitutes a criminal offence, the disciplinary action will not lapse unless the criminal action lapses.

FAQs About workplace investigations employee rights.

Understanding these intricacies is crucial for a balanced and fair work environment, and seeking expert guidance from a labour lawyer can provide reassurance and clarity.
Disciplinary powers can be delegated to the line manager or a higher position, subject to specific rules and regulations.
If the investigation's interest necessitates, the employer can suspend the employee temporarily for up to one month.


Understanding the intricacies of workplace investigations and employee rights is crucial for employees and employers. The laws in the UAE are designed to ensure a balanced and fair work environment.

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His firm specializes in labour cases, providing reassurance and clarity for clients dealing with workplace investigations and related legal issues.

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