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Termination of Employment due to Dishonesty in UAE Dubai

termination of employment due to dishonesty in UAE

Is the termination of employment due to dishonesty in UAE legal?  Is it mentioned in the labour law?

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Termination of employment due to dishonesty in UAE.

Termination of employment due to dishonesty in UAE

Honesty is one of the worker’s obligations, as stipulated in Article 16 of the UAE labour law.

Suppose the employer discovers the worker’s dishonesty, which has been repeated many times and causes damage to the workplace or the employer. In that case, the last can terminate the employee for being dishonest without notice.

Provided that the employer first conducts a written investigation of the employee as the law stipulates. It should be noted that the termination notice must be in writing, justified, and duly delivered to the worker.

FAQs about termination due to dishonesty.

No particular article in the law related to the termination of workers due to dishonesty committed once. Still, if the employer can prove that the repeated lying of the worker has caused severe harm to the employer or the establishment, then he can terminate the worker's service.
The valid reason for termination of employment is any reason defined in the UAE labour law articles that requires the employee to be terminated.
Yes, dishonesty is a kind of misconduct defined as the worker's failure to fulfil the work conditions stipulated in the employment contract.
Article 47 of the UAE Labor Law deals with the employer's wrongful termination of a worker due to the worker filing a severe claim with the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation or due to a lawsuit being filed against the employer. It also talks about fair compensation for the worker, which the employer must abide by, as determined by the competent court.

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