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Can you terminate employment in probationary period in UAE Dubai?

can you terminate employment in probationary period in UAE

Can you terminate employment in probationary period in UAE?

This article explores the scenarios that arise when an employee decides to terminate their contract within the probationary period.

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Can you terminate employment in probationary period in UAE?

In situations where the employee decides to terminate the contract during the probation period, two possible scenarios emerge:

  1. The Employee’s Transition to a New Employer.
    If an employee chooses to move to a different employer, they must serve a one-month notice to their current employer.
    Moreover, the new employer must compensate the previous employer for the expenses incurred while hiring the employee.
  2. The Employee’s Decision to Leave the Country.
    If the employee plans to leave the country, a notice period of 14 days must be served to the employer.

FAQs about termination of employment in probationary period.

Violating the rules related to the notice period can have severe consequences for both parties involved. The employee might face cancellation of their work permit for a year, while the employer could be subjected to financial penalties.
Employers must notify the employee of their termination 14 days in advance or compensate them with a 14-day salary on the total salary bases if termination happens with immediate effect.

We hope we have answered your question about termination during the probationary period in UAE.

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