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UAE Labour Law Death Employee – Labor Lawyer Dubai UAE

uae labour law death employee

This article explores the key provisions of the UAE labour law death employee concerning the entitlements of an employee’s family, shedding light on the legal framework that governs this aspect of labor relations.

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UAE labour law death employee.

The UAE labor law strongly emphasises safeguarding workers’ rights, even in the event of their untimely death. Here are the key aspects of the UAE labor law that pertain to employee entitlements upon death:

  • Payment of Outstanding Dues.
    According to the new UAE labour law, when an employee passes away while their employment contract is still active, and there are outstanding wages or other entitlements due, the employer must make these payments to the deceased employee’s family.
    This provision extends to cases where HR outsourcing in Dubai is employed, with third-party employers also obligated to fulfil these entitlements.
  • End-of-Service Benefits.
    When the deceased employee is entitled to end-of-service benefits, these benefits will be disbursed to the deceased’s family, ensuring financial security for the surviving family members.
  • Timely Settlement.
    The UAE labour law stipulates that all entitlements must be settled within 10 days after the employee’s death or within 10 days after the employer is informed of the death. This provision ensures a swift resolution for the family during a difficult time.
  • Designation of Beneficiary.
    Under the provisions of the new labour law, employees have the right to designate a family member during their employment contract who will receive their entitlements in the unfortunate event of their passing.
    The employer is legally obligated to transfer these entitlements to the chosen beneficiary.
    This practice extends to companies offering HR solutions in Dubai, UAE, and third-party employers, adhering to the legislation.
  • Repatriation of Deceased Employees.
    If the deceased employee hails from a foreign country, the employer is responsible for repatriating the deceased’s remains to their home country. The employer must cover the transportation expenses of returning the deceased employee to their native land, should the family request this service.
  • Role of Relevant Authorities.
    When entitlements cannot be handed over to the deceased employee’s family, the UAE federal law empowers the ministry or relevant authorities to hold them until a decision is reached regarding their distribution.

FAQs about UAE labour law death employee.

In case of an employee's death, UAE labor law mandates prompt payment of outstanding dues, end-of-service benefits, and other entitlements within 10 days. The employee can designate a beneficiary for these entitlements.
Yes, HR outsourcing is prevalent in the UAE. However, UAE labor law ensures that employee entitlements, including those upon death, are protected regardless of HR outsourcing.


The UAE labor law ensures that employees’ rights and entitlements are upheld, even in the face of unforeseen tragedies.

These provisions provide financial security to the families of deceased employees and emphasize the importance of respecting employees’ wishes when designing beneficiaries.

In navigating the intricacies of UAE labor law, individuals and businesses can benefit greatly from legal counsel.

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