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Employment law redundancy and restructuring in Dubai 2024

employment law redundancy and restructuring

In the dynamic employment landscape, companies often find themselves in situations necessitating workforce adjustments, such as redundancy and restructuring.

This article delves into the intricacies of employment law redundancy and restructuring in the UAE, offering insights into the legal process and highlighting the expertise of Al Mulla, the UAE’s leading lawyer and legal consultant for labour cases.

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Employment law redundancy and restructuring Dubai 2023.

Redundancy and restructuring are significant aspects of employment law in the UAE. Employers have the right to make necessary staffing changes but must adhere to specific legal procedures to ensure fairness and legality.

Notice Period and Legal Dismissal.

If the company provides proper notice, a dismissal is generally considered legal unless the employment contract specifies a longer notice period.
Filing a Complaint

Employees who believe their dismissal was unfair have the right to submit a complaint to the Ministry of Labor. This can be done over the phone or through the ministry’s website.

Accounting for Entitlements.

Employers must account for various entitlements, including overdue salaries, vacations, end-of-service benefits, airline tickets for the employee and their family, compensation for unfair dismissal, and any other benefits as per the employment contract.

Settlement Process.

The dispute is initially presented for settlement before a ministry representative. If a resolution cannot be reached, the case is referred to a court, and a hearing is scheduled before a judge.

Implementation of Ruling.

An implementation file is opened after a judgment is issued to collect the awarded amount.
Enforcement of Judgment

Numerous actions can be taken against the company to ensure compliance with the court’s ruling.

Why Al Mulla is the Best for Labor Cases in the UAE.

When navigating the intricacies of employment regulation redundancy and restructuring in the UAE, having a seasoned legal expert by your side is crucial.

Al Mulla, a prominent lawyer and legal consultant in the UAE, stands out as the go-to professional for labour cases.

With a deep understanding of UAE labour laws and extensive experience handling employment-related legal matters, Al Mulla ensures that his clients receive the best legal representation and guidance.

FAQs about employment regulation redundancy and restructuring.

Employment law redundancy in the UAE refers to the legal process that governs the termination of employees due to reasons such as downsizing or organizational restructuring.
Al Mulla is a renowned lawyer and legal consultant in the UAE known for his expertise in labor law, making him the top choice for handling labor-related legal matters.


Employment law redundancy and restructuring in the UAE is a complex but vital aspect of labour relations.

Employers and employees must know their rights and obligations in such situations.

By following the established legal procedures and seeking the counsel of experts like Al Mulla, individuals and businesses can ensure a fair and just resolution to employment-related disputes in the UAE.

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