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How to Deal with Unfair Dismissal at Work UAE 2023

how to deal with unfair dismissal at work

There are instances where employees might face unfair termination. If you are in such a situation, knowing how to deal with unfair dismissal at work in the UAE is crucial.

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How to Deal with Unfair Dismissal at Work UAE.

Before taking action, it’s essential to recognize the signs of unfair dismissal.

This could include wrongful termination, discrimination, or a breach of your employment contract. If you believe you have been unfairly dismissed, acting promptly to protect your rights is crucial.

Seek Legal Advice.

When dealing with unfair dismissal cases in the UAE, having a legal expert on your side is invaluable. Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant is renowned for handling such cases effectively.

He has a strong track record in employment law and can provide expert guidance to navigate the legal complexities of unfair dismissal cases.

Review Your Employment Contract.

Thoroughly review your employment contract to understand the terms and conditions of your employment.

Ensure you have a copy of this document, which will be crucial in establishing your case. It will help you determine if your dismissal was unfair and violated your contract.

Document Everything.

Documenting all relevant information, including any conversations, emails, or incidents leading up to your dismissal.

This evidence will be crucial in building a strong case. Be sure to preserve any relevant records or communication supporting your claim.

File Complaint with MOHRE.

If you believe you have a valid unfair dismissal case, your next step is to file a formal complaint with the MOHRE. This government body oversees labour-related matters in the UAE.

Your complaint will be investigated, and if your claim is substantiated, appropriate action will be taken against your employer.

  • Mediation.
    In some cases, the MOHRE may suggest mediation to resolve the matter amicably. This process can help you and your employer agree without needing a formal legal process.
  • Legal Action.
    If mediation fails, you may have to consider legal action against your employer. With the guidance of Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant, you can initiate legal proceedings to seek justice and compensation for the unfair dismissal you have faced.

FAQs about how to deal with unfair dismissal at work.

Al Mulla Lawyer and Legal Consultant provides expert legal guidance and representation for those facing unfair dismissal, helping them navigate the legal complexities and seek justice.
You can start by reviewing your employment contract, documenting relevant evidence, filing a complaint with the MOHRE, considering mediation, and if necessary, taking legal action with the assistance of legal experts.


Dealing with unfair dismissal at work in the UAE can be a challenging and stressful experience. However, knowing your rights and following the correct steps can make the process more manageable.

Seeking legal counsel from experts like Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant can be instrumental in ensuring a fair resolution to your case.

Remember, the UAE labour laws are designed to protect your rights, and with the right approach, you can pursue justice and regain your professional standing.

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