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Arbitrary dismissal UAE law Dubai

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arbitrary dismissal uae law

This article will overview arbitrary dismissal UAE law, explaining the legal provisions and remedies, and why Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant is the best choice for handling such cases.

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Arbitrary Dismissal UAE Law.

Arbitrary dismissal, in the context of UAE labor law, refers to the unjust termination of an employee’s contract by their employer. Such terminations can occur without valid reasons or without adhering to due process.

Employees Rights Arbitrary Dismissal.

When an employee faces arbitrary dismissal, UAE labor law provides certain rights and remedies:

  • Compensation Limit: The UAE labor law stipulates that the compensation paid to the employee should not exceed the equivalent of three months’ salary, calculated based on their last entitled wage.
  • Additional Dues: In addition to compensation, the employee has the right to claim gratuity, notice period dues, or any other unpaid dues they are entitled to from their employer.

Best Arbitrary Dismissal services.

  • Legal Consultation.
    Service Description: Al Mulla offers expert legal consultation to employees facing arbitrary dismissal. They assess the case, guide employees on their rights, and provide insights into available legal recourse.
  • Arbitration and Mediation.
    Service Description: Al Mulla specializes in arbitration and mediation to resolve disputes amicably. They work towards a fair settlement that benefits both the employee and employer.
  • Litigation Support.
    Service Description: In cases where arbitration or mediation does not yield satisfactory results, Al Mulla provides litigation support, ensuring that employees’ rights are vigorously defended in the UAE courts.

FAQs about arbitrary dismissal law UAE.

Arbitrary dismissal in UAE law refers to the unjust termination of an employee's contract without valid reasons or due process by the employer.
Compensation for arbitrary dismissal is calculated based on the employee's last entitled wage and must not exceed the equivalent of three months' salary.


Facing arbitrary dismissal can be a challenging and distressing experience.

However, UAE labor law offers protections and remedies to employees in such situations. Al Mulla Lawyer & Legal Consultant is the best choice for navigating the complexities of arbitrary dismissal cases in the UAE.

With his expertise, you can assert your rights and seek fair compensation or resolution, ensuring that justice is served.

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