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Benefits of arbitration for employees Dubai UAE

benefits of arbitration for employees

What are the benefits of arbitration for employees

This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration in the UAE and how it can benefit employees.

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Benefits of arbitration for employees UAE.

  • Alternative to Courts. One of the main advantages of arbitration services is that they provide an alternative to resolving disputes through courts. This can benefit employees who want to avoid lengthy and often costly court proceedings.
  • Language of the Arbitration. In the UAE, the language of the courts is Arabic, which can be a hindrance for non-Arab speakers. However, with arbitration agreements, parties can agree to have the proceedings in English or any other mutually agreed language.
    This can be advantageous for employees who are not fluent in Arabic.
  • Quick Proceedings. Depending on the type of dispute and the arbitration institute involved, the arbitration proceedings can be resolved quickly. This can benefit employees who want to resolve their disputes on time.
  • Confidentiality. Arbitration proceedings are private, and usually, the award issued is confidential. This can benefit employees who do not want their dispute publicly known.
  • Finality of the Arbitral Award. The arbitral award is usually considered final, except on certain specified grounds. This can benefit employees who want closure and finality in their disputes.

Disadvantages of Arbitration Agreements for Employees.

  • Non-arbitrable issues in UAE. Certain issues, such as those that contravene the public policy or morals of the UAE, cannot be resolved through an arbitration agreement.
  • Costs. The arbitration proceedings can be more costly than court proceedings, depending on the issue, the arbitration institute involved, the arbitrators handling the matter, and other factors.
    However, the arbitrator usually has the power to award costs in their arbitral award, including the costs of arbitration, legal fees, and other expenses.

FAQs about benefits of arbitration for employees.

The arbitration process for employees involves an alternative dispute resolution method where a neutral third party, the arbitrator, reviews evidence and renders a decision, providing a quicker and less formal alternative to court proceedings.
Arbitration offers advantages such as a quicker resolution, flexibility in language use, confidentiality, and a final and binding decision, making it an efficient alternative to traditional court litigation.
Arbitration helps by providing a faster, more flexible, and private resolution to disputes, allowing parties, including employees, to avoid lengthy court processes and maintain confidentiality in their legal matters.


Arbitration agreements can offer many benefits to employees, such as an alternative to courts, the ability to choose the language of the proceedings, quick proceedings, confidentiality, and the finality of the arbitral award.

However, some disadvantages, such as non-arbitrable issues and costs, are also to consider.

Employees must seek legal advice from a reputable labour lawyer like Al Mulla before entering an arbitration agreement.

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