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Article 44 of UAE labour law Dubai

article 44 of uae labour law

Al Mulla firm notes the common use of article 44 of UAE labour law in mutual terminations by employers. This article delves into UAE employment contracts, stressing the need to scrutinize terms carefully.

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Aِrticle 44 of UAE labour law.

Al Mulla firm advises looking at the contract’s content before signing it.

Many times the mutual termination of employment in UAE can be agreed upon by both parties. Still, at the last second, the employer, for example, decides not to pay the employee what he earned based on their agreement.

Thus the employer resorts to Article 44 of UAE labor law to free himself from extra expenses. A UAE employee’s contract can be terminated without notice based on Article 44 of the Federal Labor Law:

  • The worker submits forged documents or assumes a false identity.
  • If the worker commits a mistake that results in a severe material loss to the employer or if the worker intends to damage the employer’s property and acknowledges that.
    Provided the worker informs the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation within seven days of becoming aware of the accident.
  • Violations of the instructions of the establishment’s internal system related to worker safety or of the workplace. Provided that these instructions are written and posted in a conspicuous place, and the worker has been made aware of them.
  • If the employee fails to perform his essential duties according to the work contract and continues to violate them despite his written investigation for the same and twice warnings of dismissal, he may be dismissed.
  • He discloses trade secrets of the establishment in which he works causes loss to the employer, or makes the employee lose an opportunity.
  • If convicted of a crime against honour, trust, or public morals.
  • In case of apparent intoxication or drug use during work hours; or if he violates public morals during work hours.
  • Assaulting the employer, the responsible manager, a superior or a colleague at work, whether by words or deeds or in any other way, as an employee.
  • During one year, if the worker is away for more than twenty intermittent days without a legitimate reason or for more than seven consecutive days.
  • Personal gain illegally exploited by a worker.
  • Despite the controls and procedures established in this regard, the employee joined another establishment.

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Mutual termination agreement.

A mutual termination UAE agreement paper holds significant legal importance as it governs the cessation of a contractual relationship between two parties within the framework of the country’s legal system.

The agreement typically addresses key aspects such as the effective date of termination, the settlement of outstanding obligations, confidentiality provisions, and the resolution of any potential disputes.

It is essential for the parties involved to ensure that the terms outlined in the mutual termination in UAE agreement align with the applicable laws and regulations in the UAE to guarantee a smooth and legally sound conclusion to their business relationship.

Frequently asked questions about article 44 of UAE labour law.

UAE labor law article 44 allows termination without notice under specific circumstances, such as forged documents or severe breaches by the employee.
Grounds include forged documents, severe material loss to the employer, safety violations, and criminal convictions against public morals.

In conclusion, mutual termination of employment in the UAE can be done smoothly if you trust the other party and read through the entire article 44 of UAE labour law.

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