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Mediation process in the workplace UAE

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mediation process in the workplace

In the UAE, the mediation process in the workplace has emerged as a crucial mechanism for addressing disputes amicably.

This article explores the steps involved in the mediation process, providing insight into how to foster cooperation and resolve issues effectively.

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Mediation process in the workplace UAE.

In the UAE, workplace mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where an impartial mediator assists parties in resolving their disputes.

This alternative dispute-resolution method avoids costly and time-consuming legal battles and encourages open communication and compromise.

  1. Initiation of Mediation.
    The mediation process typically begins when one or both parties involved in a workplace dispute express their willingness to participate.
    This can be done through formal channels, such as HR departments, or informally by mutual agreement between the parties.
    The mediator is appointed at this stage, and the process officially commences.
  2. Mediation Sessions.
    During the mediation sessions, all parties involved meet with the appointed mediator.
    The mediator’s role is to facilitate a constructive dialogue between the parties, allowing them to express their concerns, perspectives, and proposed solutions. These sessions are conducted in a neutral and confidential setting, fostering trust and cooperation.
  3. Identification of Issues and Interests.
    In the mediation process, the mediator assists the parties in identifying the underlying issues and interests driving the conflict.
    This step involves exploring the root causes of the dispute, helping the parties gain a deeper understanding of each other’s concerns, and finding common ground for potential resolutions.
  4. Generating Solutions.
    Once the issues and interests are identified, the parties work together, with the mediator’s guidance, to generate potential solutions.
    The mediator encourages creative problem-solving and ensures that all parties have the opportunity to contribute to the resolution process.
  5. Agreement and Closure.
    When the parties reach a mutually acceptable agreement, it is documented and signed by all parties involved.
    This binding agreement outlines the agreed-upon terms and conditions for resolving the dispute. The mediation process concludes with the closure of the case.

FAQs about mediation process in the workplace.

Workplace mediation in the UAE is a voluntary and confidential process where an impartial mediator helps parties in a dispute resolve their issues through open communication and compromise.
The mediator is typically appointed when one or both parties express their willingness to participate in mediation, often through HR or mutual agreement.


The mediation process offers a constructive and efficient approach to resolving conflicts in the UAE.

It promotes open communication, compromise, and understanding among parties, ultimately fostering a healthier work environment.

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By embracing mediation as a dispute resolution, workplaces can cultivate cooperation, reduce tension, and maintain a positive atmosphere for all employees.

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